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4 Tips To Stay Healthy On Vaca!


Summer is officially here, which is so exciting because that means vacations are coming up! I am headed to Florida soon with my family to enjoy some relaxation by the beach. Now, the only downside to vacations is the temptation to nix my healthy lifestyle. I mean most people are probably going out to eat every day, maybe even for every meal, so it can get hard.


Here are some things I try to do to stay on track!

  1. Bring Your Own food: If you are road tripping somewhere, this is definitely doable, but if you are flying, it’s probably not the best option. If so, check out tip #2! For those who are driving, bring SNACKS! Bring plenty of fruit, and not just apples and bananas. Get creative and cut up watermelon or cantaloupe before you leave. Bring a giant container ready to share! Once your kids see these scrumptious treats, they will try to take all of your food…So bring extra!
  2. Order Off the Menu: Here is where I tend to fail the most. Trust me, I know the struggle! You see all of those savory dishes just staring you down saying ORDER ME! You have to stay strong. Always ask the waiter if you can make your own dish – Order something OFF the menu. The worst they can say is no, we can’t do that. So try! For example, at an Italian restaurant, ask for steamed veggies and marinara sauce to put on top! This is a great way to get that Italian taste, just without the carbs!
  3. Workout Before Everyone Wakes Up: I try to do this no matter where I am vacationing. Say your whole family wakes up around 9:00 a.m. on vacation. Wake up at 8:00 a.m., get in a workout, then meet back up with the fam when they wake up! This way you are missing NO family time. The best of both worlds!
  4. Plan Active Activities: Instead of planning excursions or activities where you are sitting most of the time, kill two birds with one stone, and plan an active one! For example, instead of tubing down an exotic river, snorkel down one. Instead of driving, bike to the town. There are so many options: kayak, hike, dance, horse-back ride or simply walk! Forget the hotel gym, plan some active activities!

Love, Melissa