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The Happy Meal Effect


I was reading an article this week that was SOO interesting! It was about The Happy Meal Effect, which is an experiment that tested if people would choose a larger meal over a smaller meal with a non-food incentive. Guess what they found?

Both kids and adults picked the smaller meal with a non-food incentive. So like the famous McDonald’s Happy Meal, the scientists gave kids a toy as the incentive and adults a lottery ticket.

All of this to say, when you want to encourage your kids, spouse or yourself to live healthier, give a non-calorie incentive. This way you all don’t associate good behavior with food. Celebrate those big accomplishments by giving your kids more playtime or treat yourself to a new piece of workout clothing or headphones! Come up with an incentive that works for your family, and let me know if it works for you guys by commenting below.


Love, Melissa