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Homemade Energy Bars!


downloadEnergy bars are one of those quick, go-to snacks that you can grab at any grocery store or vending machine, but a lot of them aren’t as healthy as their fancy packaging might lead you to believe. They can contain a lot of processed sugars, salt, and artificial ingredients and have as much fat as a candy bar!

Want to try your hand at making your own, super healthy energy bars? In just a few minutes, you can create a healthy, customizable snack to help you eat right when you’re on the go. All you need are a few ingredients and a food processor.

These homemade energy bars are made with your choice of nuts and dried fruits, plus they have two scoops of Shakeology for a boost of nutrition and filling protein. They come in at under 150 calories a piece, and they can really fill you up! It’s a perfect snack to refuel after a workout, knock out a sugar craving, or to hold you over until dinner. For dessert, I like to nibble on energy bars made with Chocolate Shakeology and dried cherries.

Dates (or prunes) bring natural sweetness to our Homemade Shakeology Energy Bars, and they act as the binder. Look for whole, large Medjool dates in the produce section of your grocery store. These usually contain pits, so make sure to remove them before adding them to your food processor. Some homemade energy bar recipes suggest soaking the dates to soften before adding them to the food processor, but we found that step unnecessary and it made the bars too sticky. Enjoy!

Love, Melissa