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Out Of Your Comfort Zone


Ever done anything so far out of your comfort zone that you weren’t sure if you could do it?! Well I just had one of those moments. I went toMansa, Zambia, Africa to visit my sister.

It was one of those trips I knew wouldn’t happen very often. She is a missionary over there, and she runs an orphanage. When I first arrived, we did a few touristy things before driving 10 hours to where she lives, which is in a village. What was NOT super out of my comfort zone was traveling alone over 30 hours to a foreign country or arriving in a country where I didn’t speak their language. None of those…it was petting a lion!!! Yes, a REAL LIFE LION!!! It was surreal and exhilarating!!


downloadThen it was time for the next part of my journey…seeing the beautiful children in the orphanage. They filled my heart with love and joy more than I could imagine. These children were so sweet and well mannered. I GREATLY enjoyed bringing the kids gifts from their American sponsor families. The surprise and glee on their faces when they knew someone in America was praying for them daily and sent small gifts for them was just priceless. Each time we presented the sweet letters and gifts, I would get tears of joy as I watched them gratefully accept their gifts.

If you have a heart for helping children who are orphaned and wouldlove to connect with one, there are still 18 children who do not havesponsors!

I would love to connect you with one of them. The cost is only $25 a month, and the commitment is for one year. This $25 provides thechild with a school uniform, the opportunity to go to school (breakthe chain of poverty), meals, and medical care.

I have seen these kids first hand. They need our love, prayers and financial help!


Love, Melissa