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Top 5 Hydrating Foods


downloadHere in the Texas heat, it is so important for my family to stay hydrated! My boys love to swim and go to watermarks. Plus my 16-year-old plays baseball each weekend in this crazy Texas Summer heat. So I am always trying to keep them and myself pumped full of water.

However, they get sick of hearing me say “DRINK MORE WATER” so I have gotten creative in keeping them hydrated by providing snacks and foods that have lots of water in them.  Not a huge water drinker? Do your taste buds just go ICK! Good news for you because you can stay hydrated without drinking water. Just double up on some of your favorite fruits and veggies that are made of primarily water.

Check out some of the options below:

Watermelon – Now, the name kind of gives it away! But did you know watermelon is made up of 92% water? And it is also made of calcium, salt and magnesium which are also great for getting rehydrating.

Strawberry – These little berries are also made of 92% water, which is the most of any berry. They are full of fiber and vitamin C as well, so top off your yogurt with some strawberries or sprinkle some sugar or agave nectar on them to make yourself a fresh and sweet dessert!

Celery – These stalks of fiber might not be your favorite veggies (they aren’t mine either), but they are pretty helpful. I mean, very few foods help you LOSE calories by just eating them! Celery is made of 95% water and is rich in vitamin K and potassium. So put this one in stir-fry if you aren’t a huge fan of it plain Jane.

Cucumber – From relaxation to a tasty treat, cucumbers come in first place. This veggie is composed of 96% water. With no saturated fat or cholesterol and a plentiful amount of vitamin K and iron, cucumbers are the perfect hydration vegetable.

Lettuce – Lastly, just order yourself a salad! Lettuce is made of 96% water, but it lacks in the nutrition department. So use lettuce to get hydrated!


Love, Melissa